The Case Presentation 

The Liberty Bell 


The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of  American independence, located in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania. In its early years, the Liberty Bell was used to summon lawmakers to legislative sessions and to alert citizens to public meetings and proclamations. 

The Medical Case Presentation is an essential framework for a focused disciplined approach to addressing medical problems. Healthcare professionals use the Medical Case Presentation to identify, analyze, develop, implement and monitor a solution based “treatment plan” for medical problems. When used effectively, it allows healthcare professionals to communicate and share information among varied clinical disciplines to develop testable hypotheses for simple and complex problems. The framework allows for clearly identifying problems and providing objective data to support the diagnosis and “treatment plan.” The Medical Case Presentation is uniquely positioned to address systematic changes over time. Through progress notes addressing specific problems, we’ll be able to adapt to new issues to clearly identify problems and potential solutions.


Sections of The Medical Case Presentation 


Define the Problem

Identifying Information

Chief Complaint (Problem)

History of Present Condition

Review of Systems


Data and Facts

Diagnosis of the Problems/Challenges


Problem List

Treatment Plan

Progress Reports


We use the structure and process of the Case Presentation as a framework for deliberative dialogue to address civic challenges. In the next months  we will publically present the following cases:


The Case of the Frustrated Citizen: The case will address the frustration experienced by citizens with the functioning of the political system


The Cancer of the US Political System: The case will describe    the symptoms of the disease (cancer)  that has emerged in the US political System.


The Case of the US Healthcare System: The case explores the challenges of the US healthcare system


The Case of the Pain Opioid  Epidemic: The case describes and explores the tragedy of opiate abuse and offers national and local treatment plan. 




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