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There is a wealth of courses and other resources available to learn more happiness.

The Pursuit of Happiness Project is not a business. We are a nonprofit. We do not claim to have found the precise formula for human happiness. This claim would of course make it much easier for us to get rich quickly. We only claim that science is guiding us closer and closer to knowing the answer, and that we should make the scientific study of happiness, and how to implement it, a top priority.


Dr. Rajagopal Raghunathan of the Indian School of Business leads this 6 week Coursera course on happiness. 




Psychology of Happiness 

The article attempts to outline a radical alternative to the biopolitical notion of ‘flourishing’ by appealing to psychoanalysis, specifically Lacanian psychoanalysis - its critique of consumer happiness, but also its clinical commitment to working transformatively with unhappiness.


How do “experience” and “memory” shape well-being? Author Jonathan Haidt talks about three of the ten great truths from his book The Happiness Hypothesis. To be a great truth, it has to arise on multiple continents and multiple eras, but what we tend to find is that these truths occur to everybody who thinks about the human condition.

Does happiness come from the outside or the inside? And what happens when the two conflict?

Speakers:Jonathan Haidt, Daniel Gilbert